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Once upon a time there was a little girl, nicknamed Ghigi, who discovered sewing and crochet with her godmother and who for years forgot her attraction and taste for manual work.

Before leaving, her godmother had given her an invaluable gift, an old sewing machine on which she had made her first creations, and had thus transmitted her art to her.

This sewing machine had not been used for several years, but its godmother had always taken great care of it.

When the time was right, Ghigi, the little girl turned woman, understood that she had drifted away from her passion for decoration, fashion and sewing, she took the old sewing machine out of its box and in a first time admired him.

The years had passed so much that Ghigi no longer knew how to use it. From then on, she took sewing lessons and then worked, worked, until her hands remembered.


Time was no longer important, only the work to achieve his creations counted. She thought only of all that, the choice of fabrics, wool and all that allowed her to carry out her works.

It was necessary to make up for lost time, because during all these years, her life had been built in a very distant domain which pushed her one day to stop everything to be reborn again.

Since then, there have been meetings, projects and many events that have guided him towards his passion.

Her life took a whole new direction which filled her and made her realize that her passion was so strong that she had no other choice but to realize her dream.

It was then that she decided to create a brand that would be in her image and that would be the testimony of her history.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Ghislaine De Poorter

All creations are handmade

Made by Ghigi was born in June 2017, it is a brand of creation of decorative objects, furniture and fashion accessories:

* Upholstery cushions
* Stools with removable cover
* Poufs
* Storage baskets
* Door sausages
* Crochet bags
* Fabric pockets


Each piece is unique

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